Septic Installation

C&W Grading installs commercial and residential septic systems for customers all throughout northeastern, North Carolina. We areĀ  North Carolina On-site Waste Water Contractors & Inspectors certified (NCOWWC).

Our Septic Tank Installation Services Include

  • Installation of a septic tank, distribution box.
  • Installation drainage lines per permit using pipe and rock.
  • EZ flow drains, infiltrator systems, Brunswick systems, and bio-microbial treatment with drip disposal
  • Low pressure system pump systems, mound systems, and back-fill systems.

Our Septic Installation Process

Let’s say our goal is the installation of a 1,000 gallon tank with distribution box.

  • First we install the take off lines which go from the distribution box to the drainage lines.
  • Our team will then excavate the lines down to sand and back-fill the lines with clean sand.
  • After that we install the drainage line.
  • Once everything has been inspected, we will then cover/wrap up the system and grade out disturbed areas.

Photos of Our Septic Installation Projects