Residential & Commercial Sitework

Our sitework services involve land preparation for both residential and commercial customers. For residential customers, we can provide sitework for their lot, house pad, and septic area.  As for commercial customers, businesses such as Ace Hardware, First Citizens Bank, NC Department of Revenue, Tidal Wave, and Sherwin Williams have entrusted us with the sitework for some of their recently built locations. We have also done sitework for many of the local solar projects, and helped with the Amazon wind farm.

Our Sitework Process

  1. If the property is wooded we will go in clear and grub the site and either burn or haul off tree debris.
  2. Next, we will install erosion control or stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) devices such as silt fence, construction entrances, sediment basins, wattles etc.
  3. Then we will strip the topsoil and cut down to subgrade.  This material will be stockpiled on site and any excess will be hauled off and disposed of.
  4. Next step is the delivery and placement of the fill material to bring the parking lot, building pad up to grade.
  5. Next step is the placement of any stone, concrete, curb & gutter
  6. Final phase is the final grading, landscaping and asphalt paving, signage and striping.

Photos of Our Sitework Projects

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