North 301 Solar Farm in Enfield, NC

Spring Hope 3 in Spring Hope, NC

For the Spring Hope 3 Solar Project, C&W Grading cleared the trees from the site, and burned them. Then we mass graded the site before the solar panels were installed. We also installed a few sediment basins for drainage.

Cash Solar Farm in Red Oak, NC

For the Cash Solar Farm C&W Grading constructed a roadway though the wooded area, and low lying areas, in order to access the site. This road was approximately 2,000 feet long.

Five Forks Solar in Macon, NC

For the Five Forks Solar Farm, we started the project with mass grading and sediment basin excavation at the site, along with roadway installation to the site itself. After the panels were installed, we seeded the site, along with installing multiple erosion control measures. Finally, once everything was complete, we installed roadways throughout the solar farm.

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Sherman Williams in Nags Head, NC

For Sherman Williams in Nags Head, NC, we were hired to prepare the site for the new building. We graded the site. Installed an underground drainage system including catch basins, concrete, and HDPE pipe. After that we installed curbs, gutters, a paver area, and asphalt parking lot.

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Drainage Work for the US Coast Guard

For this project we were hired by the US Coast Guard to do some drainage work. First we installed a 42″ elliptical pipe and a 36″ RCP pipe at the taxiway. Then we installed an underdrain pipe along sides of taxiway. Finally we installed a 60″ Metal pipe in a canal for a local farmer.

NC 21 Solar Farm in Winfall, NC

For this project, we were hired to prepare the land for a solar farm along highway NC 21 in Winfall, NC. First we stripped and undercut the topsoil to install a rock parking area. We then installed a silt fence, with a sediment basin created in an existing ditch, to filter runoff. And finally installed ABC stone in the roadway.

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Demolition of Central Middle School in Gates County

For this project, C&W Grading was hired to demolish Central Middle School in Gates County, North Carolina. After demolition we cleaned up and disposed of all the debris. After cleanup, we graded the lot for future use.

Boat Ramp in Hertford, NC

C&W Grading was hired to build a new boat ramp in Hertford, NC. For this job, we excavated out material inside a cofferdam approximately 30′ out into the Perquimans River. Next we installed the concrete ramp. Once it was finished we graded the parking lot, then installed curb and gutter. Finally the boat ramp cofferdam was removed, and we paved the parking lot.